Aug 18, 2006

Your thoughts...are they positive?

I'm trying to spin things in a differnt direction, and ask others for their opinions.

Here's my thought...

ePrize is just a baby, in terms of years as a business. The growth that is happening for the company is causing a lot of this 'drama' and 'growing-pains'. Linkner conceived this 'baby' of his, and has taught the company how to crawl and walk. Just as the company has started to really 'run', I feel like some of the 'parenting' was over-looked. Linkner forgot to teach his 'baby' how to slow down and stop.

Now, understand, 'tone' can be read into anything written here. The above was not meant to sound mean spirited or harsh, just an analogy.

You see the same thing in little kids. They get running so fast, they actually have to run into something or someone to stop. They just keep picking up more and more speed, and haven't figured out how to slow down.

So then my thought leads to this.
*(I don't have the answers...what do y'all think)*
What is ePrize going to 'run into' to stop or slow down?
Do you think ePrize needs to stop or slow down?
Do you think the employees have the energy, drive and ability to keep running?
How does all the running affect turn-over rate?
Does 'the running' affect turn-over rate?
Do you think I'm way off base here?

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