Feb 28, 2007

Found on MySpace

Sorry, just had to share this ad I found on my MySpace page today -- I thought for sure that ePrize had taken out banner ads on there.


Feb 3, 2007

Word from the Zoo

The word from the Detroit Zoo is that the latest departure from the ePrize fold is COO, Mickey Mouse fan, and leagal eagle Robb Lippitt. Was it a coup for the COO or a more-friendly departure than when Keith Simmons flew the coop? The verdict is still out. It's a sure bet, though, that Lippitt leaves fat with cash for greener (not greener, redder, and purpler) pastures.

Details are a bit sketchy on the new COO waiting in the wings. Former Microsoft exec and not much else is known at the moment. It's only said that he's one hell of a singer and can do Sudoku puzzles with lightning-speed.