Jan 17, 2014

Hello World

No, this isn't my first Wordpress entry, it's the name of the new ePrize. If you're following at home it seems that we've gone from ePrize to Crackerjack to Hello World with Caffeine somewhere along the way.

Here's the full "Hello World" story from the Detroit Free Press.

And, I didn't publish this before but here's the scoop on the "frivolous lawsuit" and when it was dismissed: Crain's Detroit

I tried to get in on the suit but was told by the lawyer in charge that they weren't interested in including other plaintiffs at the time (probably because I have such an ax to grind about ePrize).

I'm still stuck with a big tax bill on a paltry amount of money from what probably should have been beaucoup bucks in stocks. Thanks, Josh, Dan, et al. Something tells me that you made out like bandits.