Aug 21, 2006

Damned if you do...

When dizgruntled was still posting like mad (see postings below) and had a boatload of comments on his blog, one of the biggest complaints was, "What did you do to make changes? You can't just bitch all the time!"

To that end, I dug out a document I wrote in 2005. The last date I saved it was 11/23/2005. I'm curious if any of these ideas were implemented. I'd include more but won't as they may infringe on intellectual property.
I also wrote various proposals on team restructuring and did some hardcore R&D and proposal writing on branching out the company into some new directions which I have since seen other companies take off with. Rather than seek out new forms of revenue, let's just beat the old horses until we have to send them to the glue factory.

Let it not be said that folks who are embittered former employees never tried to make suggestions or get things done. The "damned if you don't" answer to that is that any kind of bellyaching means portraying a "victim". Victimize this.


exPrizer said...

Notice how no current ePrizer has any feedback on a blog post like this? I wonder why that might be. Oh wait, I can think of a couple reasons:

1. The ePrizers who post here don't have a clue as to what you're talking about. You used some of them computer words and went right over their head. Perhaps if you were to talk about the latest sale at Nordstrom, some of them would chime in. It's not like they work for a technology company.

2. The people who do know what you're talking about aren't posting. Despite agreeing with us and knowing that what we say is true, they need their job and for now have to sit quietly since Big Brother is watching. I feel your pain guys, but remember, you too can break free.

3. None of the ideas you had were implemented. But are you really surprised?

Mayhem said...


joshua said...

yeah, no current employees are commenting, because, hmm.. maybe they are woriing during the day?

or have better things to do than check this blog to see the latest anti eprize spam?

A LOT of changes have been implemented, and even more are in store. And thats all I have to say.

Keep on being negative, say what you like, change is not instant. Quitting is.

NoLimits said...

Firing is too, Josh. :)

And, BTW, this blog isn't spam unless it's being sent to your email address. Might want to bone up on dem dere internet terms.

BTW, feel free to take any of those ideas and try to get them implemented. Maybe you'll have better luck than I. I managed to get a lot of ideas implemented during my tenure -- but those were the ones that didn't require any kind of outlay of time or money. That's when the wheels of progress grind to a halt.

NoLimits said...

Hey! I hear that the CMT is going to actually be updated as a GUI! Apparently this will work great with HTML promotions... again, does that sound the death knell for Flash promotions? Or are they going to sweepsxpress to die?

booo-booo said...

"And, BTW, this blog isn't spam unless it's being sent to your email address. Might want to bone up on dem dere internet terms."

You seriously dont believe that do you? You mean to tell me you worked for an internet promo company for years and you think that? Since you really don't understand what SPAM is nolimits goto

NoLimits said...

I see what you mean, Boo boo. You're spamming my blog. :)

NoLimits said...