Aug 20, 2006

In With The New

Up until now, all of the afore-posted entries were from the blog formerly known as "All Thing ePrize". The author of that blog (known as dizgruntled) removed them for fear of recompense. Perhaps fools rush in where angels fear to tread and there is no greater fool than I. What dizgruntled said needed to be said -- and still needs to be read.


exPrizer said...

Thank you for keeping those posts alive, the truth needs to be heard.

dizgruntled said...


dizrespected said...

WOW! All I have to say is that we can't all be wrong. So many exprizers and even many current ePrizers know that ePrize as room for improvement. ePrize lacks basic respect for employees. Since my departure from the No Limit Soldiers, I vowed that there's really no point in developing loyalty to a company unless it is your own.

Further, for Leadership to be worried about what we are talking about - what happened to freedom of speech? - and not focusing on their clients, perks, and subsidized lunches is beyond me. If we are not speaking the truth, there is no point in even paying us any mind. And dizgruntled, Robb and Gabe are not the authority on the law, nor are they God. They can control no one but themselves. If they spouted some nonsense about defamation of character, please be aware that one of the defenses to defamation is the truth. If we avoid the impression of malice and state the facts, and then state our opinions separately, we are fine and well within our rights. Also, in some systems, however, truth alone is not a defense. It is also necessary in these cases to show that there is a well founded public interest in the specific information being widely known.

OK, enough about the legal arguments. I want to echo dizgruntled, nolimits, exprizer, and many others in that ePrize does not really respect the majority of their employees. There are some ePrize favorites who can get away with sexually harassing female employees, cheating on their wives, having "client meetings" out of the office, etc., but they're safe. They have managed to slide into home base or their mistresses bed. But then there are the rest of us who have devoted years or months of our lives to ePrize and for what? Either a pink slip or being backed into a corner where you feel that you need to quit or else, you may be getting that cute pink slip too.

I don't work for ePrize, so I can say whatever I want. And to the ignorant, poor naive youngster that is defending ePrize, I did bring up concerns to Leadership - extensively - and guess what I got? A pink slip and I found out after the fact that they had hired at least three people to replace me! Hmmm, maybe there was too much work for one person to handle! When I confronted Josh about his misguided criticsm, I was let go because, "It just wasn't working out anymore." How articulate!

Take care and God's speed. I'm sure I'll share more later.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious. Does eprize have a back list for people that win too much from them? I haven't won in over a year.

Anonymous said...

I meant black list