Aug 18, 2006

FREE: Kool-Aid

Do you remember when you were little, and your parents would try to convince you something wasn't as bad as it was, by distracting you with some small shiny object?

I'll give you an example. You and your little brother, have to go spend a week at your great aunt's house, while your parents vacation in a Tropical Paradise. And your mom says something like, "It won't be that bad! Sure, Aunt Millie is 97, has no television, and lives in a retirement village, but she lives right next door to a huge Water Park!" Then you arrive at Aunt Millie's house. Millie never takes you to the Water Park and the day you convince her to let you go, the park is closed for renovations. Meanwhile, Mom is under the belief you are having the time of your life in the wave pool. You're little brother, on the other hand, is thrilled with getting Aunt Millie to play checkers with him all day long.

So, that's sort-of like working at ePrize.

Most of the employees at ePrize are like the 'little brother' in the story above. They are proud to work long, hard hours. For those people, things like lunchbox, and all the pop and coffee you can drink is AWESOME. They are the employees 'drinking the ePrize Kool-Aid'. They have bought in to the fact that it's 'cool' to go above and beyond...always.

Don't get me wrong, I work hard. The Kool-Aid is good, and it's easy to keep drinking it. I guess that's why I think the Kool-Aid junkies are foolish. You shouldn't be expect to go above and beyond EVERY TIME. It's not a badge of honor to stay up all night and work from 9am to 5 in the morning, and then return to work the next day at 9am, again. In my humble opinion, it's ridiculous.

Ok...I have to close out this post. There will be more of this rant later on.


dizgruntled said...

Ok, so I have an additional thought to this original post.

Remember that story about going to Aunt Millie's house. Well, I explained how the ** are like the little brother...what I didn't explain was how (for me) being an employee was like looking out Millie's window at the water park everyday knowing, I wasn't going to get there.

I did everything I could to get to the damn water park. I cleared a path, I laid down fresh dirt, I laid down pebbles, and just as I was about to lay down the paver bricks....some other asshole plowed right through and jumped the fence to the park.

I did all the work, and then someone else got to go first. They ddin’t wait, and do it the right or best way, they just plowed right through. Then the park either closed, or was at capacity. I couldn’t get in.


While I worked there, I just once, wanted to go down the big slide. I wanted to work on a project that went according to plan. A project where hours weren't taken away from me, or forced me to stare at my screen to figure shit out until 3am. I wanted one pain free project. But someone always cut in line, and I never got to the top of that slide.

So excuse me for trying to help someone else out, and tell them that the water park seems like it would be a lot of fun...but you're not going to get to go down the big slide. There will be no wave pool for you. There is a long line of Kool-Aid junkies camping out, waiting for ‘fresh meat’. They just may eat you alive.

But hey, that's just my take on things.

e-dong said...

"I just once, wanted to go down the big slide"

You got some issues. Go get some help. Maybe you should start taking PAXIL or buy a therapy buddy


Everything is going to be "allllllllright".