Aug 18, 2006

Agency or Vendor?

One of the most unique things about ePrize is their 'Client List'. If you've ever been in the elevator in their Pleasant Ridge Office, you are sure to take note of the hundreds of clients displayed on the walls.

As an employee you are reminded of this 'client' list time and time again.

The thing is essentially, ePrize is a vendor. They specialize in promotions. Often times, ePrize doesn't even have contact with the corporation. In fact they are hired by the corporations Advertising Agency.

So, what if the agency has a bad experience? What is the review of the promotion is terrible, or late? The agency can then choose another VENDOR to work with.

Here's the problem. ePrize fails to recognize themselves as the vendor.

In short, ePrize is the agencies 'bitch'. ePrize *has to* come through. Yet, the mentality, is to push back on the 'client'. Development pushes back, Project Management pushes back, Account/Sales/Leadership FREAK OUT, and blame production.

It's my belief that if ePrize would recognize they are the VENDOR, not an agency with a long standing contract, they would begin to shift their business model. Coke, Disney, and a million other big name clients can choose to go somewhere else. And if they are disappointed, time and time again, they will.

ePrize is not the only company that produces online promotions. They are however, the only company creating buzz about themselves, creating Promotion Summit's to increase awareness of themselves.

What would the 'client's' think if they found this blog?

Do you think their opinions of the company would change? Perhaps not. (after all it's just a silly blog)

ePrize does have a lot of promise. They promise to increase sales. They promise to increase workload. They promise to find a better work/life balance. They promise more perks and bells and whistles for their employees. (yoga, dry cleaning, manicure anyone?)

They promise their clients the moon! And often deliver cheese.

Scale it back for a moment ePrize. Catch your breath! Let your employees get caught up. Let your sales team finesse the clients they have, and stop worrying about 'new' clients and new sales. Take the time to produce what is actually being sold. WELL THOUGHT OUT, EXCELLENT PRODUCTS with FLAWLESS FUNCTIONALITY.

Right now you are not 'creating relationships' with your clients. Your employees are over worked, underpaid and will not have the all their focus on creating a solid product.

Do the right thing.

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