Aug 21, 2006

Thinking Outside of the Lunchbox

Just a few comments about the posting below on "Lunchbox".

First... Going out to lunch is something that everyone should be able to enjoy. Sure, there might be the occasional emergency that crops up that might make going out inconvenient. But the real inconvenience comes when you would have meetings scheduled at lunch time. Sure, you can bring your lunch (or have your "Lunchbox" order -- as long as Lunchbox arrived before the start of the meeting... otherwise you'd find it cold an hour later) but you're stuck in the building for that time.

Not a big woop, right? Well... It begins to be a drag when you look at your Outlook calendar only to find that you've got three to four (or more -- depending on Staff Call) lunch meetings scheduled not just this week but every week.

I was guilty of setting one of those up, but with the understanding that it would be lunch outside of the building and that it was far more team-building than despotic demagoguery. My mother used to yell at me, "Go outside and blow the stink off of you." She certainly knew how to paint a picture with words, didn't she?

There was a stench associated with the grunts after a while. We were in the office from dawn (literally) to dusk (or far after).

Don't forget, too, that not only is there Lunchbox but there's Dinnerbox as well. This meal of the day arrives at 7PM and it's shameful how many employees are around to "enjoy" this second meal of the day at their place of employment.

One more thing... the posts below talk quite a bit about working 70 hours a week. Trust me, that's a pretty light week as far as they go. I usually clocked in at 80 on a light week and usually averaged out more at 100. In 2005 alone, I worked 35 out of 52 weekends. That figure includes "holiday weekends" -- including Christmas and Yom Kippur. The only difference between a holiday and a "normal weekday" was the locale where you were sitting with your laptop computer. As I used to tell my wife, "I can either ignore you at home or ignore you while I'm at the office."


ePrizer said...

Question - how long are you going to sit around and dwell on the past? You've made your point - you didn't like ePrize and you left. Are you going to re-hash the same issues forever, or do you ever plan to move on with your life? Why you are getting pleasure out of hurting others speaks a lot to your character. Does it make you feel important?

We get it. Enough is enough. Get over it and move on. No one cares anymore about how bad you had it. You think you have it bad compared to all the tragedy in the world?

There are are so many positive and productive ways to spend your time and energy. You are not making the world a better place by doing this. Move on already.

NoLimits said...

The last few post have not been by dizgruntled but by me - nolimits. Read the blog closer. These complaints may echo theirs but they're by a different author. As the record once said, 50 Million Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong.

I reposted dizgruntled's stuff because I felt it was too nice to have such an untimely "web death". If you don't like it, you don't have to read it. :)

Just Say No to ePrize said...

Good Lourd, eprizer, if you don't like what's posted here OR Diz's log why on earth are you still HERE?

Get back to work!

AutoSupplier said...

Wahhhhhhhhh! My lunch box is cold!Wahhhhhhhhhhh!

I came to this website by accident - I work in the automotive industry and I can't believe all the whining I'm seeing - all I can say is this blog accually makes ePrize look you know why?

Because they don't tolerate cry-baby employees. If this is the whining you hear after they quit or were canned - I can just imagine what the poor eprize employees had to listen to when these people were actually working at Eprize!?!

Welcome to the real world Xprisers! To me it doesn't matter how many of you there are - you all are a much of whinny cry-babies. Everything I read here sounds much better than a majority of the companies you'll find in Metro Detroit...

Sure there are places you might be able to find 9-5 jobs - but you'll never amount to much...

That's about enough time I'm going to waste here - all this crap just makes me want to go puke my brains out!

Any legitimate concerns you xprisers might have posted in this thread were completly shadowed by the pathetic crying about your lunch box getting cold. Stick to just the important stuff if you really want people to take you seriously.

Based on what you've displayed here, I don't blame Eprize one bit for things not working out between you and the company!

dizrespected said...

Autosupplier, please stick to supplying the auto industry. I hope that you are better at that than at reading and reading between the lines.

I am sure that you have some great gifts and that your employer appreciates them, but comprehending posts written by others and deciphering things in a historical context are clearly not your strong suits.

Take care and God's speed.

AutoSupplier said...

Disrepected -

I went back and read the posts a little more carefully - I guess I must be a moron or something because it still looks like whiny crap to me....

Maybe I should register for a reading comprehension class at OCC. Thanks for bringing this problem to my attention. I will take care of it immediately - since one of the most important things in life is to work out your problems using Blogs.

My wife and I are having problems - I think I'm going to start a blog called "That Bitch don't treat me right" and let the world know she expects too much out of me...

Wish me luck!

dizrespected said...

Good luck with that Autosupplier. Don't quit your day job. And if they quit you at least you can start that OCC course.

Take care and God's speed.