Aug 21, 2006

The Island of Misfit Toybox

I used to bitch and moan that Upper Managment never wanted to spend time/money on R&D for new products or improvements to the products we used daily.

I was half right.

Time and Money aplenty were spent on new products all the time -- once they were sold and we were under a complete and crazy time crunch. There's no time like making a brand new product when you're under the gun to get it out the door and improvements/user concerns be damned.

The best part about all of this time/money spending came when we were making products that could/should be re-used with ease but would never get sold a second time and, thus, sat on a virtual shelf gathering virtual dust.

And then there are products that were researched and developed only to never be used. For two years I heard that we'd be switching over to "all Flash promotions" and that HTML was an antiquated humbug. Well... I just clicked on a dozen random links only to not find neither an all-Flash promotion nor any Flash element in any page to which I went. "Wha-Happened?"

The other thing that I love is that the person who replaced me had these huge dreams of adding DHTML/JS (think Proto AJAX) items to the pages to add a lot more "zing" and "pop". I didn't see any of those either.


exPrizer said...

Don't you know why you were replaced? You weren't a team player! You weren't jazzed about the future! You didn't fit the mental and physical mold of the perfect ePrizer! Why do you think cults work? They only want a certain type of individual, with a soft, squishy mind, ready to be made into the perfect slave. You had pre-formatted opinions and beliefs, you wanted to (gasp!) spend time with your family! There was no future for you. They drained what they could and they threw out the rest. Silly No Limits, you should have drank the Kool-Aid.

NoLimits said...

Damn, I had my Nike shoes on and was awaiting Hale-Bopp and everything.

Believe me, I had a damn IV of that KoolAid running in me for quite a while. Suddenly it turned sour towards the end.