Aug 18, 2006

eU - PeeEwe!

It's very interesting. ePrize has put a lot of effort into their training program. It starts with this series of classes they call eU, or ePRize University. (Catch-y huh?) In this series of classes the leaders from all the different departments come and talk to you and the rest of the class about what there department does and why they are so important. Then at the end of these classes, they actually test you on the information.

Again, this all seems really great. But then you come out of eU. You may have a little additional training specific to the role you are in, but be prepared for the workload. They have lined up the trucks at your desk...Waiting for you to tack up that pretty little diploma from eU...You are officially fair game!

This will be a short post, because I don't think I have the energy to really go into great detail about how if you take a job at this company, you will be thrown to the wolves.

Then you need to watch your step. You can get fired. These people are not scared to be an 'at will' employer. They will say it's because of lack of skills, or you just weren't 'ePrize material'. But really they remove those who do not drink the Kool-aid regularly. They remove those who will not conform. They push out, or fire those who have an outside life. Those who are older, or aren't the right religion. Those who disapprove of being at ePrize more than they have time to be with their families, or have a social life.

Man that place burns me.

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