Aug 22, 2006

Something in the air...

There were a spate of marriages and pregnancies going on for a while. To this one of the Project Managers said offhandedly, "Man, I swear there's something being pumped into the air here."

Quickly, almost too quickly, a friend replied, "Yeah... it's called FEAR."

Don't confuse fanaticism with fear. While the Kool-Aid might have you thinking that there is no place better that you could ever go and that leaving would be folly... it's not. This blog isn't a wake up call. It's a place to vent. Your best friend coworker getting canned or you getting canned might serve to wake you up. But don't think that it's the end of the world. Maybe your coworker(s) are even moving on. This doesn't mean that they're betraying you. Learn a lessong. There is life outside the multicolor walls.

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