Aug 18, 2006

Working Hours

So I should have known in my interview. I asked what the core business hours of work were for ePrize, and the person interviewing me said something to the effect of, "*laughter* we work about 50 hours a week, there are no core business hours".

50 hours for a salary job isn't that unreasonable and I needed a job. So I accepted their offer.

Then, my first day came. I was excited. Of course there is a lot of paperwork to fill out. I had to sit down and fill out Human Resources forms, and benefits information and the tax paper work. I recall a specific moment when the second red flag arose. On the tax form I had to fill out how many hours a week would I be working. So I asked, "What am I supposed to write here?" (Again trying to find out what the expectation was of how much I was 'supposed' to work. You know what I was instructed to write down? 40+


To recap...I have now been told there are no core business hours, and I had to submit something to the government that said I would be working 40+ hours a week. With such an open ended # of hours, I should have started running right then and there, but like I said. I needed a job.

So you ask, How much did you work? A consistent average of 70 hours a week, on a 40 hour a week salary. Hour for hour, I was making less than I had in years.

The next question is, how did you fit in 70 hours a week?

5 ten hour days in the office (at least) (see the post about lunchbox for more) ->that totals 50 hours
5 nights online for four hours from home (more about the non-stop work/workload in a coming post) to total 20 hours

Yup that's 70 hours a week. Not accounting for weekend work, which there always was.

ePrize has no consideration for it's employee's outside their office. They want their employees to eat/sleep/breathe ePrize. *More about drinking the Kool-Aid and the Make-Up on that place in a future post*

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