Aug 22, 2006

Mad Love to the Haters

OMG - there's negativity afoot. Why do you have to harsh my cool, man? Do you know why? Because there's been an elephant sitting in the corner of the room for years and someone finally had the guts to point it out. Another reason why? Because, believe it or not, the Haters used to all be Lovers. No, really! We chugged that Kool Aid like nobody's business -- like the five cent pops we had before our contract with Coca-Cola brought a booty of free drinks.

Why all the negativity? We were betrayed. We bought into a dream only to end up with a nightmare. The brass ring was tin; the golden dream nothing but pyrite (e-pyrite?). Why shouldn't ex-Prizers sound like victims when, after all, they were victimized? If you love your job that's great. I was there. I felt that love in spades. I lived and breathed it for years. Don't consider this an invitation to post your undying devotion to the cause here. That's what Why I Like ePrize is for. This is the other side of the coin -- providing a forum to rant and rave and shake your tiny fist at the sky to vent the anger that might still be eating your insides. Or, more healthily, to laugh at the ridiculousness.

Just Do It - LOL

LOL Cult.

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