Jan 6, 2007

Amusing Comic

Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Fuckwad
Thanks "Year of the Chump"! BTW, I'm curious to hear what the theme of 2007 is! I hear that the holiday party is coming up. It's a little after the Holidays, isn't it? Or is this a pre-Tu B'Shevat party?


ePrizer said...

First of all, that comic strip absolutely applies to you. Look in the mirror. You sit being this blog and poke shots at a real business and real people's lives. You are one sick bastard and should seek help.

Second of all, I find your anti-semetic remarks very offensive. Who cares when they launch the 2007 theme? It looks to me like you've run out of anything meaningful to say. No one is working crazy hours. People are taking pride in their work. We're growing and having fun. Meanwhile, you are obsessed with the past. So as a last resort you start making anti-Jewish remarks? Move over Mel Gibson.

NoLimits said...

This just goes to show that you are completely meshuge. I don't know how citing a holiday puts me in league with a anti-semite but this just proves that you don't know who you're addressing. Gai kakhen afenyam. If I give you a dime, would you buy a clue?

It's amusing as heck to see how you just miss the point and get worked up over someone with a less-than-positive outlook on your place of work.

I bet that McDonalds burger flippers get just as flipped out when people bash the Big Mac.

Maybe you should start your own blog and spend your time posting glowing Utopian visions there and realize that your kvetching isn't going to stop anything over at this URL.

I shan't entertain your comments anymore, tokhis leker, as you're spinning the same broken record: Seek therapy, things are better. And I should give a shit why?

You remind me of that Green Day lyric, "Pulverize the Eiffel towers / Who criticize your government."

ePrizer said...

Why should you care? Well, you started a blog about the past, and the whole purpose is to bash ePrize. You use little jabs like calling it a "quickenLoans company" (fact: they have a minority, not majority, investment). You make false accusations like only Jews and family get ahead. Then when someone calls you on it, you say "why should I give a fuck?"

You have no idea how pathetic you sound. And what's wrong with having pride in your work or company? Just because you are a victim and think ePrize is a bad place, maybe if you were a stronger contributor you wouldn't have been fired and would feel differently.

I'm honestly glad you are not here anymore with your bad attitude and immmature outlook. We're better off without you by far.

So when are you starting the Organic hate-blog? Have you been victimized by them yet? Is "the man" keeping you down yet? Of course, none of the bad stuff in your pathetic life has anything to do with your own attitude or behavior whatsoever, right Mike? You are perfect and have no responsibility for your own life, right? It's everyone else's fault.

Keep spreading lies and making slander statements. No one takes you seriously, and it is fun to pick apart your lame arguments. As I said, you'd be much better off spending this time in therapy.

NoLimits said...

As I said, you'd be much better off spending this time in therapy.

yearofthechump said...

And eprizer is out of the gate proving the comic, to a degree anyway. That comic was directed at you, its an apt description. Sadly your post today is a bit tame compared to others.

That being said, this is one long ass post.

I hate to say it, but I have to admit that in a way, the comic _could_ apply to most people who post on this blog. There have been a few who say their names, but most of us are anonymous. However, just because we sit behind anonymity does not mean that we fit the bill of that comic. Theres a certain level of emotional gut reaction insults that have to fly before you get the award. Some people post things that at least have a shine of constructive information on them, others choose not too.

I think honestly that eprizer has said a couple things that were actually informational. However, going back a bit, 85% of the stuff you write is just hate spewing garbage. Calling the blogger names, saying he needs to get help, saying its all his fault he got fired blah blah blah.

While nolimits is probably not a saint, his issues with the company could go back beyond the fact he got fired, did that occur to you? Hell, I'd wager that he eventually got tired of certain behaviors within the company and got 'let go' because he stopped being a cheerleader. He may take pot-shots at the company at times, I think thats more artistic license than anything. People can separate the shots from the facts, and half the time he writes something remotely inflammatory, you come in and just start 'sh*tc*ck'ing allover the place. Which really just makes people think 'is that the kind of person that works at ePrize'.

Speaking as someone who left voluntarily, I don't think its fair to assume that people have a problem with a company just because they were fired. I have a problem with the company that I left last year, but maybe things are different now, I don't know.

Eprizer, if you really don't want to fit that bill as much as any of us, step up, give us facts. I'm not speaking of the general BS 'things are better, get help'. I mean facts you could give out w/out breaking disclosure, maybe a department you work in if not a name to attach credibility. As much as you and others have argued that nolimits has no credibility because they are anonymous, you suffer the same fate.

As a final note, because I hate to see the race/religion card pulled. I don't think nolimits is making anti-semetic remarks. I think what your upset with is he's making Jewish remarks _at all_ which is just a sideways shot at the command structure at ePrize.

Honestly, I think the whole networking thing over at ePrize is less related to the particular religion and more related to the family ties. Its a noticeable trend, and if there wasn't a trend, people wouldn't nod silently (or comment) when they read the blog. One can easily argue that the prominence of a particular religion and another could just come from the social networking that comes to belonging to a large organized group with close ties. It could be family, religion, fraternity, etc.

dizgruntled said...

Let us rejoice
and be glad

The humor here may be missed on some.

I agree with Year of the Chump, the 'club' is less about religion and more about family ties/family friends. The religion thing is probably coincidence more than anything.

Yet, if you find yourself on the outside of the club, it certainly does feel more like a high school cafeteria than an office.

ePrizer said...

If you are not playing the "Jewish Card", why do you have a link to "Yiddish Dictionary Online" on your blog, and why did you post a picture of "Rabbi Parking"? It's one thing to jab an ex-employer, but you should be ashamed of yourself for bringing religion into this.

As for me, I'm in production and have been there now for almost four years.

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

No offense, eprizer, but I think you're grasping at straws here. That Yiddish link has been up for a few months and it's helped me "interpret" some of the phrases that have been used on this blog for months. I think you're barking up the wrong tree.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I find the fact that ePrize drove someone so far as to have "blog as therapy" disconcerting.

Not that I don't understand why he's doing it.

When they say "it's not for everybody"... they are most certainly right. For various reasons, it was not for me.

The comments and content of this blog as enough fodder for the reader to make up his or her own mind about what type of person that is.