Dec 31, 2006

"Maybe you should seek therapy"

Move on with your life. I just don't understand why you are so obsessed with the place...

What some don't seem to understand is that this blog is my therapy. One may choose to participate in it or not.

Undoubtedly, those who feel that I'm unduly "obsessed" with this place so long after my departure have never been betrayed by someone they love. To put it metaphorically, think of it as coming home to your loving wife of many years to find her in bed with someone else. She professes that she's never truly loved you and that the life you've been leading is a lie.

After an experience like that one may find oneself dwelling on the past and trying to sort out truth from fiction. I find there are times when I knew that there was deception afoot but, as the song says, "I'd rather go on hearing your lies than to go on living without you." But other times I get angry about the betrayal. I think I have a right.

The online therapy will continue, no doubt, thought it is lessening. As news develops and certain dirty tricksters still play out, though, I plan to post about it.

One notes that the holidays are a time of reflection and redoubling of effort. Happy New Year, everyone.


Ghost of ePrize Past said...

Who do you think ePrizer is? Or, apparently, you know who it is from that "Goodfellas" quote.

My money's on:
Roy Krauthammer
Brian Yee
Steve Meltser
Napoleon Dynamite*

*I forget the kid's name.

I can't see Yee being that nasty about you (always struck me as a nice guy) and I don't think that Meltser would disagree with what you're saying. But I could be wrong. Depends on how much Kool-Aid they're drinking these days.

yearofthechump said...

What about Alesha or Tim Taylor(iCoke lead at some point). They seem like pretty big advocates for daily life there.

I'd have to think Brian is an unlikely candidate. Last I knew he had no illusions about the company. He may not have hated it or had strong issues with it (not trying to get him in trouble) but he certainly wasn't delusional. He knew people worked late hours, had to work them himself.

Steve could be moved to it I think if he was personally attacked(which I don't think he has been). He seems much more the type to just stay clear of the whole thing, maybe comment on it at ePrize but not take the time to bash someone for it. (Perhaps there a missed conflict between Steve and the suspect blogger I missed, no idea).

Roy, well Roy is kind of a dick in real life, not sure he's ever gotten insulting but I can see it. Imagine the following formula, but with Roy as the first variable. I think you might end up with eprizer or eprizer2:

I love that comic, I'm ashamed to admit I just saw it a few days ago, but eprizer comes to mind when I see it.

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

You say "was" -- does that mean that Brian is no longer there?

yearofthechump said...

To the best of my knowledge Brian is still there. I however have been gone for a bit so I occasionally switch to past tense :)

dizgruntled said...

Napoleon Dynamite*

*I forget the kid's name.

Jason Godmar

Also...don't forget about leadership...what about Robb, or even Josh himself? Certainly not likely; but fun to think about either of them sitting at their computers reading, and spewing out these trashy posts.

Steve is a good guess, I think Roy is too tied up in himself to take time to post.

Regardless, whoever ePrizer is, I hope they keep posting. Their posts are making this blog (as Jeremy said) worth coming back to read.

As nice as it is to know there are other former employees who share the same opinions, it's certainly fun to read some brainwashed-current-employee remarks as well.