Dec 23, 2006

Who shot J.R.?

Been hearing some strange rumors about the old homestead lately. Talks about hygene at meetings aimed at stinky IDs? And then I read this today:

The author discusses his aggressive recruitment and, subsequently, that ePrize went incommunicado. He turned down a job in the interim only to get mixed messages about being hired versus there not being a Dallas production office entirely. Add to this the HR director at ePrize resigning and you've got a very troubled lad and a very perplexing situation.

HR director leaving? No Dallas office? What's happening over there? It's funny these days as I interview people and mention my background I get a lot of unsolicited criticism and concern about the old red, purple and green. Looks like I'm not the only one not getting any phone calls, letters, or emails returned when trying to get in touch with folks over at 404 East 10 Mile... unless the people I'm trying to contact have been fired. 'Tis the season!

Addendum: Word on the "ex-Prize grapevine" has a key Dallas player being benched recently. Seems that the extra-marital behavior of "Mister Odd" finally caught up with him.


-S- said...

I'm another of the second-round candidates for the Dallas expansion. After being told about three time, "We'll be making a decision next week," I took a job elsewhere. It would have been nice if the could have let me know what happened directly, rather than learning about it on this blog. Thanks for sharing the news though.

-S- said...

I just got a call from ePrize. Sounds like the Dallas expansion is still on.

NoLimits said...

Good to know. Hope that the guy that posted the blog I was quoting from wasn't just getting the blow off.

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

The "exprize network" is buzzing this weekend with discussions of a certain recent dismissal, the history that led up to it, and the consequences.

frogboy3 said...

hi there nolimits…I’m frogboy3

you are using an excerpt from my blog without my permission.

you know who i am and i would ask that you remove it. if you had asked, we could have chatted about it.

however, instead, you decided to leave cryptic messages anonymously on my personal journal. Prior to my interviews with eprize leaving me unsettled and wondering “why would you do this without specifically identifying yourself?” I suspect your method has nothing to do with altruism. it's almost as if you relish in anything negative when it comes to eprize. How badly did they hurt you that you have this anger.

After doing a google search, I found my words looking back at me from your URL. i wondered if you even consider the consequences of your actions...but i think you do, and simply don't care.

continue to post your campaign against eprize, but don't utilize my experiences to validate whatever issues you have with them.

i'm unsure of your problems with eprize, however, given the negative nature you've demonstrated thus far, i'll not invest the energy into reading your journal. i'm sorry you had a falling out with eprize. i sincerely hope things get better for you.

You had mentioned problems with staffing agencies…I’ve been working with this group for a long while now…they are outstanding. There is a location in your area, maybe they can help you.

NoLimits said...

I don't need your permission to quote from your blog.

adam said...

Your response has illustrated the validity of everything you've written thus far in this blog.

Please note that my blog specifically has stated in several locations:all content, images, and words are copyright of www.

as well as a Creative Commons Attribution-Non Commercial-NoDerivs 2.5 License specifically stating: Unless otherwise noted, I own the copyright© on all written materials on this site. You may not distribute these materials in any form without my prior written permission, or the permission of the original author. All graphics used on this site were obtained with permission from the artist, are from free web graphics archives, or were created for or by me. Absolutely do not reuse art from this site without written permission.

now can i do anything regarding this? make you take it down? naw...but it illustrates your integrity. that's good enuf for me.

perhaps eprize isn't as bad as you rant? maybe your dismisal was, in fact, a result of this type of integrity.

good luck

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

Another class act. Adam belongs at ePrize, they're petty enough for each other. Next thing you know he'll say that you can't link to his blog.

Thanks for the mention of "Mister Odd" (nice touch). I'd be curious to know who you KNOW he was boinking and who he put the moves on. It's a shame because I thought his wife was one of the sweetest ladies ever.

adam said...

thank you very much.

i sincerely appreciate you taking the time to make the edit! everything you've stated is accurate and true in regards to my experience.

you've taught me a lesson about locking down my entries in the future :) and i thank you for that.

best of luck to you...

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

Adam, you don't realize that anyone can quote from anything when it comes to a news story. If nolimits had tried to pass off your writing as his own, that would have been cause for calling foul on copyright but you were properly given credit for your quote. That he didn't ask for permission doesn't enter into it.

Do you think that CNN has to get permission to quote President Bush every time they put his words on the air? No, of course not. Did you get permission from Number 12 to reprint your IM conversation? No, of course not. Get a clue.