Jan 10, 2007

What's So Wrong With Peace, Love, Understanding & Bagels?

What's So Wrong With Peace, Love, Understanding & Bagels? ePrize never was one of those "bubble companies" like those we used to laugh and dream about being at when reading FuckedCompany.com. There were no on-site masseuses, champaign wishes, or cavier dreams. The biggest perks we got were some snacks and five-cent soda. When things got tight when Rare-Medium pulled out funding the snacks went away but we always kept the cheap soda. The one thing we didn't have was bagels.

One of the project managers was determined that giving employees bagels on a regular basis would be a tremendous morale booster -- not that he ever brought (m)any in on his own. My boss scoffed, if not openly mocked, this notion. Even years after this PM departed you could still hear my boss chuckling to himself, "Bagels... Ha... what a crazy idea... Nice..."

The funny thing is, I was talking to a former coworker of mine who has come to work for a company that does a regular weekly bagel day. Without prompting he waxed romantically about those perk those little, round, dense, chewy, doughy rings of goodness. I guess sometimes those little things do matter. Food for thought.


ePrizer said...

Hey jackass. We do have bagels often. Every Wed. Plus cake monthly for birthdays. Plus subsidized lunches. Plus free coke. Plus, plus, plus.

Yesterday we had an amazing 2007 roll out. It was fantastic. Plus we had a big party with food, drinks, and Josh and Robb singing Karioke. It was great fun. Too bad you missed it. What happened yesterday at Organic?

ePrizer said...

To clarify, are you saying that your biggest complaint at this point is that several years ago some project manager told you that they weren't going to bring in bagels?

NoLimits said...

Hi back, jackass. Is my writing really that muddled that you think I said a PM was going to bring in bagels? No, that's not the case. Just saying that bagels are nice. Not that I need to eat any since you've determined that I'm overweight somehow.

Glad you had a fun time at the rollout. I wouldn't know what happened at Organic yesterday but can ask around if you're really curious. Are you thinking of moving over there?

yearofthechump said...

I'm not sure what I wait for more, a new post, or eprizer to come in here and soil him/herself trying to debunk it.

Congratulations eprizer, a shit ton of companies have bagels, cake, parties and soda, welcome to 'any other startup'. I think the going rate where I work is 50c(not really a 'startup' though) does that really say anything about the quality of my job? Better yet, does the fact that its free at ePrize make a damn bit of difference?

That is what always pissed me off working there. I remember driving in one morning after being up fairly late working, and hearing how ePrize was getting free press on the damn radio for having a deck on their roof. Yeah, because that is what's important about a workplace, useless fluff.

I get so angry at every twit reporter and policitcian who walks in there and looks at all the cool crap laying around and thinks 'wow, this palce must be so cool to work at'. Yeah, it was cool, for a time. In fact when it realy started to get tough I started to take pride in 'sticking it out' and 'working for something bigger' or whatever bullshit you want to spew about it.

I think I probably lost that shine in my eye when Robb decided to lecture everyone about the slew of live issues that hit over the holidays. I think he may have actually said that people need to take responsibility and start working better to prevent it from happening. That has got to be the biggest load of bullshit I have ever heard in my life. Did management think that the SE's had really stopped working their asses off? Did they think the IDs completely lost their ability to work their magic? Did they think QA was just making sure shit was spelled right and sending it on? Of course they did, never stopping to think that maybe squeezing every last goddamn bit of work out of the employees might adversely effect quality? I somehow doubt it.

ePrizer said...

That was then, this is now. My direct leader is outstanding, and is totally supportive of my growth and work-life balance. The work is what is great here. The fluff is just icing on the cake (but fun and cool nonetheless).

I'm not the one who brought up petty BS, that was Mike.

yearofthechump said...

[re-post, I need to learn to proofread]

I really can't speak to the now, no argument there. Although for the record it wasn't necessarily my direct management that bugged me, it was the company as a whole. Not that I didn't have my issues with direct management, but that wouldn't have been enough to leave. Its hard to say that anything I say on here is accurate, I don't have many contacts at ePrize anymore so I'm going off of past experience. Somehow I wonder if its really changing, I had periods where things were getting better to... its just a question of how long it lasts, and how long before something is everyone's fault but those in charge.

techprof said...

Is Eprizer another neppit who Hero Worships their beloved leader. Obviously they are very touchy whenever authority or the company is questioned. It must be a ongoing menstral problem,or maybe the leader itself masquerading anonymously (cringing at every comment they cannot control)

Dean Ditto said...

Geez, I'm not sure I even like Bagels anymore. Unless they have scallion cream cheese....thats my favorite.

Dean Ditto

Dean Ditto said...

Actually I take that back, I love bagels. In regards to the posts, I think ePrizer needs to take a deep breath. Let's summarize the posts;

NOLIMITS: I like Bagels, some folks think they serve to increase morale.

EPRIZER: Hey jackass. We do have bagels often.

Although ePrizers post may have held merit in discrediting NoLimits bagel story by showing how much chow they get pumped down their throats on a regular basis, starting a paragraph "Hey jackass" risks losing the audience. By the way, I think in this regards Jackass should have been capitalized as you’ve taken to using it as a formal name.

NoLimits said...

Didn't expect that bagels would spark such a flurry of responses.

I'm glad to hear that the birthday cake tradition has started back up. That was one thing that went away for a while that was definitely missed.

@YOTC -- I've heard about that speech. It's definitely infamous. Sounds like a real morale booster.

yearofthechump said...

You could say that the speech was the 'red pill' that liberated a few of us from the illusions we had that we were working for the better good. It was a clear cut example of how you only hear something from people when things go wrong. We'd worked our asses off for quite some time only to be told it was _our_ fault that things went wrong and _we_ needed to fix it.

It was funny how the holiday's played into that. I took time off of work and when I returned It was like I was looking at it through a different set of eyes. Hearing that speech in that mode, was quite frustrating.

Its hard to say if the folks commenting on here are still taking the blue pills or if things really are better.

On the other hand there are folks like eprizer, who seem to be mainlining the blue stuff.