Jan 16, 2007

Fan Mail

Just wanted to share this note I got today:

Captain Snoop I really hope that this bellyaching blog is written by Mike White. It would just make it so right. He made it through all of the firings in the early days of ePrize because he's the biggest kiss ass in the company's history.

White was so about conformity and towing the company line that he used to rally to have the entire SE staff fired when their supervisor stuck up for them for being round pegs in a company of square holes. He was passed over for promotions quite a few times and just didnt' get the hint. Ass kissing can only take you so far before you actually have to have talent.

The company's only gotten better since White got fired. Coincidence?


Ghost of ePrize Past said...

I'm dying to know who sent that. Why email and not a comment? What name did they use? Email addy? Don't tease us! If you're going to send hate mail, at least give us a fake nickname here on the blog so we can try to guess who you are.

Sounds like someone who must have been working there since at least the Farmington Hills days. That was when the divide between the DTs and SEs were at their most intense. You could literally smell the conflict in the air. Or at least I think that was the odor of conflict.

Not that they deserve any kind of feedback but it goes without saying that blaming the entire problems of a company on one tooth in the flywheel is fantasy. Mike White, for all his faults, always seemed to be setting the curve and bringing in new ideas for how to improve efficiency and our overall business model every week just like a lot of us before we had the spark beat out of us.

Subjective Observer said...

Isn't it "toeing the line"?