Oct 24, 2006

What's In A Name?

A rose by any other name still smells as sweet, correct? While reminiscing with some fellow exprizers today, we got to talking about the poor Interface Developer group. Those guys went through quite a identity crisis over the years.

When I first started at ePrize, the group of four or five guys were just getting used to being called "Interface Developers". Some people were against this title change as it sounded too much like "In Your Face." Um, "Get A Grip."

Apparently, it was quite a struggle to come up with "Interface Developers." This was the final entry in an endless list of names.

Before they were "IDs", they were "HSs" -- Doesn't roll of the tongue, does it? That stood for "HTML Specialists". As far as I'm concerned, they could have just as easily had been called "Code monkeys" and had more respect. They were branded with that name in order to "keep them in their place." Before they were "HTML Specialists", they were more jacks of more trades. By "calling them out their name," they were being told to not do the things that they were capable of doing and leave this up to "the experts."

This controversial moniker replaced their original job title: Design Technologists. That was a pretty fair name. In their original role, the DTs (not to be confused with "delirium tremens") were partially responsible for look-and-feel and also for creating the back-end of promotions (created via a relatively simple fill-in-the-blanks interface).

Why didn't they go back to "DT" after their period of punishment as "HS" was over? You've got me. To make things even more confusing, they eventually split into "IDs" and "MMSs" -- MultiMedia Specialists. I suppose that "Flash monkeys" would have sounded too harsh.


watchfuleye said...

Yaaaaaay! Keep the good posts coming.

Question about the organizational relationship chart you posted a few days back: Is everyone listed on the document an ePrize employee, or are only those with titles lsted employees?

NoLimits said...

The ones w/o names are not employees ("wife") and a few others aren't not employees (noted as such) but 95% are (or were).

Jim said...

That sucks. I remember loving the job title Design Technologist and hearing the passion Peter described it as being when I first worked at ePrize. I only worked at ePrize for the first year and a half, so I don't have much bad things to say about the company.

I actually enjoyed my ePrize time, but being fired sucked, but I don't really hold any resentment or feel the need to fire up a moniker to hide my identity to post things. Seeing Peter let go was tough too, he was the reason I came to ePrize.

I guess the harshest thing I could say is that during my last four months at ePrize, I never felt comfortable. It always felt like it was my first day on the job. This is explainable as we experienced a major mix up in leadership and the net bubble bursting, and I think I kind of shut down personally.

At that time I couldn't handle all the change... I had just bought a house, car, got married, and ePrize was in constant change, and I kinda froze.

All-in-all I'm glad ePrize fired me. I went through six months of horrible depression, unemployment, moving to Philly, 9/11 and crappy work, but came through that time with a much deeper sense of faith, perspective and a pretty good job to boot.

I'd like to get together with some of the original ePrize team for drinks one day. I am back in Royal Oak now or maybe we can all go out to San Francisco and crash at Les' place! Let's see, at ePize I always liked Mike, Les, Eric, Missy, Erika, Peter, Booster and there are some others, but I'm brain dead.

AIM: stingthebee

- Jim Renaud

dizgruntled said...

The ID group, as I knew 'em, were a dedicated bunch of guys/gals. They put in long hard hours, and when down to the wire, would put on whatever hat was needed. PM, ID, SE, AD, etc.

From my vantage point, they were generally underpaid, overworked and somewhat the 'bitches' of the company. Forced to do more of the bending over than any other role, as far as I could tell.

If you were/are a member of that group, be advised, there is other work to be had in the metro area. The job market may be tough, but slack a little for the 'prize', get your resume up to date, and get out.

You deserve better.