Oct 27, 2006

We Care A Lot

Get On The Bus With all of the predictions given to the media of humungous growth of the company, it's surprising (if not altogether puzzling) that ePrize would move their headquarters into a building that had such limited parking. Even with re-striping the main lot, the parking situation was ideal for the lean, mean company of early 2005 but abysmal for the behemoth of 2006.

Even in the summer of 2005 the situation was tight. I was recommended to Upper Management (I refuse to say "Leadership") that they park in the side lot over on 10 Mile and walk the extra few yards in order to show that they were giving the "primo" spots to the regular working stiffs. Wow, what solidarity! What example!

Eventually it was decided that off-site parking was needed. Inconvenient? You betcha. And as these winter months engulf us, I can remember the cold biting into me as I would stand waiting for the bus that would take me over to the Detroit Zoo (with the other animals) at the end of the day. Through the Michigan darkness I could still make out the empty parking spaces all around me in the main lot. Despite getting in later and leaving earlier than we poor saps who took the bus, that whole thing about Upper Management volunteering for slight inconvenience / self-sacrifice went out the window once the bus to the off-site lot started running. Wow, what solidarity! What example!

Not only did they park in the main lot, but — on those days that we might get out on time (to go home and work that night) — we got to take in the sight of a certain BMW conspicuously occupying a handicap spot as we stood in the cold and rain. This is the same spot that my pregnant coworkers were denied use of since they weren't "officially handicapped."

Rabbi Parking


watchfuleye said...

LOL - love the visual you have painted. I'm assuming this certain BMW belonged to a saxaphone-playing, prancing tenderfoot with the initials Josh Linkner?

ePrizer said...

You and this whole blog are so full of it. First of all, leadership did and still does ride the suttle with everyone else. I have sat with them on many occasion. Secondly, the zoo parking is new (started in Sept), so you never parked there since you were fired a while ago.

Every company has strengths and weeknesses. Just like people. ePrize is making major changes, and improving dramatically. Most people here are happy. You admit you loved the place until you were fired.

So get over it, man. Move on with your life and stop distorting the facts and taking pot shots at a great and growing company. Detroit needs many more ePrize-like companies who are creating high-tech jobs. They do have challenges, but it is a lot better to be here than be at Ford or other old-school companies.

Go back to your movie-review magazine and have fun at Organic, but leave us alone to build a great company.

ePrizer said...

Part 2, which I'm sure you won't post:

Go fuck yourself Mike White. You fat, bald wimp. You think you are so cool writing trash about the company you used to love? Talk about betrayal. Pretty soon you'll be fired from Organic and write a hate blog about them. Fuck you.

eprizer#2 said...

Anyone who wants to get a look at Mike White should go to this link and scroll down to the picture of a fat and bald headed loser. If you don't post this Mike, I will post it on Hammond's site and everyone will know you are a coward.


dizgruntled said...

For the record, the parking there does suck. I agree. Taking buses to a fro, not so fun for me, you know?

My guess is eprizer hasn't ever held a 'professional' job outside of ePrize. Therefore, has no real understanding of why the company enrages so many of us.

So be it, eprizer can hang with the Happy Shiny People at the 'other' pro-blog.

We are here to state facts about how the situation affected us. If it has not affected eprizer in the same fashion, that's fine.

For the record, I know of at least two potential 'new-hires' that read these blogs and changed their minds about taking the position. One in Detroit, and one from Dallas.

Current and former employees would agree that is for the best. Steer away those who are not ready for consistent long hours and draining work. They would just slow down the steam engine anyhow. Or, to say it in the company way, "They weren't ePrize material" or "He wasn't an ePrizer", or however you want to spew out the words.

My point...you (eprizer, and the others) should be thankful we are 'taking pot shots'.

It's for the good of the company.

Kool-aid anyone?

Jeremy Walker said...

eprizer and eprizer#2

Truthfully you guys just keep me amd I'm sure countless others coming back. Not because I find Mike's, or whoever else may or may not be posting on the blog, postings that insightful (hell I tried to get him fired on multiple occasions, sorry Mike nothing personal) but I find your responses to be pure comedy. Feel free to post your names so we can determine if you are also members of the "fat, bald wimp" club or worthy of being told to "go fuck yourself". Better yet, start your own blog and promote eprize, all you do is improve the google ranking of this blog and supply us with pure comedy to link to. If no one was interested in it or linked to it it would have zero impact. Instead it's #1 and the other negative blog is #2 when you search for eprize blog. GOOD JOB
By the way for working for an internet marketing firm you have an extremely tenuous grasp on how this whole marketing thing works on the internet. STOP POSTING HERE, YOU ARE EMBARRASSING ME AND OTHER EPRIZERS. I'd tip my hat to eprizenolimits if he was actually seeding these responses on his blog. They are effective.

Oh and by the way. I'd never have posted this if I actually knew who you were and could have told you this in person.

NoLimits said...

jeremy walker wrote: improve the google ranking of this blog

At least someone is taking SEO into consideration. I was always saying that our promotions should have proper meta tags to deter spiders and that Flash was a bad idea for the corporate eprize.net / eprize.com site due to poor spidering results.

More info: http://tinyurl.com/7cfk5

Was this site outsourced? There's no sitemap, no RSS feed, no descriptive Meta data, and all of two text links (one for home!) on the front page of ePrize.com -- and this is a web company?

And, has anyone evaluated the site for 508 Compliance? I'm surprised that no one has sued ePrize for discriminating against disabled users due to their image security function. Even blogger.com has an alternative for non-sighted users! Meanwhile, it would be impossible for non-sighted users to enter 99% of ePrize's promotions.

(BTW, I'm using Blogger's 508 compliant word verification for non-sighted users to post this -- and it works very well).

Anonymous said...

The fact that this company hires someone like eprizer - the type of person that would launch a middle-school personal affront - is exactly why I am happy I got the hell out of there.

People like that will persist to exist, but I don't want to have anything to do with them. blog on.