Oct 14, 2006

Content To Be A Jerk

"...[W]hy are you obsessed with bashing the company? Was it because your attitude sucked while you were here and you [got] fired for it?"

I used to be a Kool-Aid addict. Not only did I drink it, but I'd put a few drops behind my ear each morning. I even sold it. I parroted the Company Line like it was gospel. Like Paul of Tarsus after his experience on the road to Damascus, I was a zealot.
  • "We only hire A players..."
  • "This isn't a nine to five job..."
  • "We value the ideas of every employee..."
  • "Someday a company's going to come along and put us out of business..."
  • "We want to get the right people on the bus..."
Jim Jones I preached the Company Line to employees old, new, and potential. I was the calm, little center of the world. The danger of such an ethusiastic Kool-Aid addict? I was so fervid in my dedication that I was a powderkeg of loyalty. My love was like oxygen.

All it took for to set it off was betrayal. When I found out that the Company Line about "hard work deserves rewards" was a fallacy I became disillusioned. My undying allegiance soured. Alas, alas, alas.

Thank goodness for dizgruntled who opened the floodgates, demonstrating that blogging is a terrific form of therapy. Likewise, it's validating to read about the experiences of others and find that we shared so many of the same traumatic episodes.

I guess it's difficult to not come across as bearing a "victim mentality" when you've been victimized. :)


watchfuleye said...

I must say that for someone with a technical background, your writing style is quite engaging and very consumer-friendly. Your cadence is outstanding. I'm being serious.

Just curious -- have you started working again? My company is hiring.

Internet Man said...

I can smell this rat from a mile away! It's funny because I was reading an article in the newspaper a while back stating so many people who have these kind of blogs usually set up a fake "fan" that agrees with everything they say. This alter-ego is usually someone unrelated to the situation who mysteriously came out from no where.

NoLimits said...

Internet Man -- I have no idea who watchfuleye is. Whoever s/he is, the're definitely full of compliments so I won't complain. LOL.

I have trouble keeping myself straight, so I don't really need an alter ego -- even a sycophantic one.