Oct 27, 2006

...And Sometimes The Project Manages You

Doing something "differently" doesn't always translate to "better." However, it's remarkable to see how differently project management is done at other companies and where the boundaries of that position lay from one place to another.

Project Management at ePrize is a pretty tough yolk to bear. Among other responsibilities, PMs interact with clients, modify wireframes, write copy, deal with production resources (also known as SEs, IDs, MMSs, QA, etc -- some of whom can act like bratty children), oh, and manage projects.

A byproduct of this is the boilerplate / cookie-cutter nature of wireframes and copy decks. This used to frustrate me to no end, reviewing a promotion that should be strongly branded only to find that same tired old "We're Sorry! You forgot to enter the following fields:" language. It was only when dealing with clients or third party vendors that employed writers on projects that would strip out or modify the boilerplate enough to make the text relavant to the item being promoted.

Meanwhile, some of our clients would actualy pay attention to the site map that came along with their wireframes. Pity those poor fools. Sitemaps were an afterthought at best and rarely reflected the actual flow of pages in a promotion. In other companies, these sitemaps and wireframes might have gotten a little bit of attention from an internet architect.

Again, that's not to say that other companies that use dedicated writers and internet architects are necessarily better but it's just interesting to see how many roles the poor PMs at ePrize play. Couple this with the fact that these PMs are often straight out of college and given a terrible wage -- usually promotion from Associate PM to full PM doesn't include an increase in pay, only in title -- and it really becomes something else.


ePrizer said...

Who care how things WERE. Let's talk about how the ARE. The company just rolled out a totally new system, which gets rid of all that and streamlines all documentation. There are tons of improvement efforts underway, and the morale has gotten much better. There is new leadership of the PM's. Why are you so focused on pointing fingers from the outside? Your complaints are out of date at best. What you are doing is like pointing fingers at the 2002 Red Wings. ePrize has new fresh people and is working to reinvent itself. Way more that I can say for most companies. Stop living in the past.

And for Diz who is celebrating, you are NOT helping. The company is trying to bring in more talent to keep up with all the client work (a good thing) and anything you do to interfere is only hurting the great people who work here. Move on with your life.

Unless you just love being a negative hate-filled bitch, why not use this forum to make postive suggestions rather than being a whiny victim?

We have names for people like you... we called them "Orgainc and JWT employees". People who would rather take the easy road, be victims, and be mediocre. Glad you are somewhere else brining down your new companies.

NoLimits said...

Go ahead and talk about them and how great things are now. Kind of tough to believe that things could turn around in just a few weeks.

Also, don't forget about Campbell Ewald. Exprizers are "bringing down" that company and a host of others, too.

By "bringing down" I imagine that you mean "working less, being paid more, and getting the respect they deserve as hard workers and human beings."

Of course, I'm sure all of these "improvements" of which you speak have brought an end to the 80-100 hour work weeks and tremendous pay increases, right?

Do these "improvements" mean the end to nepotism and walking papers given to employees whose only qualifications for working there come from their attendance at the same temple as other employees?

Please, enlighten us as to the fact that now everyone can go home and see their families and leave their laptops at work. Please share what could radically shift the ePrze sweatshop mentality so radically in such a short period of time! People really want to know!

ePrizer said...

Well, yes and no....

YES - we are working less, and there is light at the end of the tunnel. We've staffed up a lot and things are in much better shape.

NO - we don't punch the clock and work 9-5. That's because we CARE and are working to build a career, not just do a job. I've been keeping track of my time, and I average 48 hours per week. That's 9-6 on most days.

YES - We are getting more money. Management just handed out a company-wide bonus. And YES, we get a lot of respct at all levels of the company. I just got a thank-you note from Linkner, in fact.

WRONG - I'm not a family member nor am I Jewish. I work hard and do well, just like most of the team. What's wrong with hiring friends anyway? You are trying to raid all your old "friends" from ePrize and get a bounty at Organic. Isn't that nepotism too? What's the difference?

This is a great place that is only getting better. Look - you got fired for a bad attitude. They don't hand "walking papers" to productive, successful people. Just losers like you. They have 5 full time recruiters working to hire great talent. You were just the wrong fit. Get over it.

NoLimits said...

Just some advice for you, eprizer:

You think you know a lot more about things than you really do.

And, if this blog upsets you, you don't have to read it.

ePrizer said...

Good come-back! You are very clear and articulate. Sounds like you need to take your ball and go home.

By the way, if you leave your laptop at home now and want to see you family so much, why are you posting hate-blogs at 9:40pm on a Sunday night? Just curious.

NoLimits said...

What's that line about arguing on the internet? I think it's something like: "Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win, you're still retarded." Keep running.

Hate blog? So far I've been posting the memories of myself and some of my old friends along with some constructive criticism. When I start posting a "hate blog", I'll let you know.

ePrizer said...

Go re-read your own blog and tell me how you are offering "constructive criticism"? If that's what you think you are doing, you are much dumber than I thought.