Apr 9, 2009

No Alibi

Wow. I'm a little flabbergasted. The creative for ePrize's Bluefly promotions has been bad in the past but I think that the latest one really goes above and beyond.

Now, I'm assuming that this is in no way the fault of the creative folks at ePrize but wholly on the shoulders of Bluefly's agency. They apparently have yet to learn anything about this thing we call the Internet. Take a look at the homepage for the promotion:

I'm all for good use of negative space but this is abuse. And the pages are all about built out tall -- so tall that they get cut off even at high resolutions (game page: 1114 X 800). It's obvious that someone has a really big monitor and doesn't give a damn about the common user base.

Apparently, they also don't care about people understanding their contest. The actual "instant win" screen is fairly obtuse with no instructional text of what's going on. It took so long to load that I was scrolled down at the bottom of the screen looking for something (anything) to click when the flash loaded above. For some odd reason, the game page's footer is different than all the other pages.

In short.... "B-L-U Fly, you ain't got no alibi, you're just ugly."


Anonymous said...

I agree, it was rather lame and the creative was obviously from a freshman straight out of school. With all the flash bragging on the new website, one would never have guessed the two were remotely connected. As we all know advertising can help you believe anything. The truth lies in results.

If you have ever heard the saying "It ain't dog food till the dog eats it", well in this case the dog doesn't even want to smell the food because its so unattractive.

Anonymous said...

Few will disagree with what you've said here.