Apr 9, 2009

Happy Passover

Enjoy the office while it's quiet!


Angry at Biggots said...

Mike, your childish hate-spewing blog is one thing, but to be anti-semetic is another. This is the most offensive thing. If this was a black-owned company, would you start insulting african americans? What does passover have to do with anything? You are a hate-mongering fucking pig, and I strongly suggest you remove this obnoxious post.

Angry at Idiots said...

Don't we go through this every year around this time? I remember someone going nuts about the Yiddish dictionary link in the right nav.

"White" may not sound Jewish -- that's because it's not his real name. But, indeed, Mike White is a Jew, though he decried the "in crowd" at ePrize. He didn't go temple, didn't have a Bar Mitzvah, etc. But I know he dappled his speech with Yiddish and knew more about Jewish holidays and traditions than some of the "practicing" coworkers he had.

There's irony to this posting, not hatred.

Would "Angry at Biggots" (who doesn't know how to spell "bigot") be as angry if there was a "Happy Easter" message? Either seems innocuous enough.

In other words, A@B -- get a fucking grip.

Anonymous said...

Forgive them, for they know not what they do.

Anonymous said...

you guys make me laugh