Dec 16, 2008

Stay Up to Date with Layoffs

Wondering who in the area is getting canned and where sending your resume might not be the wisest idea? F* is so 20th Century. It's time to get all "Web 2.0" and follow the news with Twitter. Sign up to follow the firings at

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Anonymous said...

I don't have a problem with any company firing or laying off people, especially in today's economy. However last summer's PR piece calling those who were let go as "under performers" was bad form.

I left ePrize on my own terms thank God. It would have sucked to tell my family and loved ones I was fired, then go through further embarrassment of having them read about what an "under performer" I was in the paper.

That's not right no matter how you look at it. That's not how you treat another human being even in business, unless you're the couch of the Detroit Lions.

Aaron Lake said...

Why do you hate ePrize? I applied there about a year ago, got the offer, and turned the job down for a multitude of reasons. I saw today that they're hiring again and I was wondering why you're so anti-ePrize.

This isn't for a designer job but more on the system admin side. They seemed like good people, those I wouldn't mind working for. Is it long hours? Unreasonable expectations? I'm strongly considering reapplying even though I have a very good job currently. I live minutes away from their Detroit facility and that'd be a huge bonus to my 45 minute drive currently.

Anonymous said...


Objectively, the moderator of this blog can be pretty biased, but it is a good source for current goings-on. You just have to read between the lines sometimes (and outright ignore them other times).
On the plus side for ePrize - they are a solid company. Their current business model will likely guarantee corporate sustainability for a good 5-6 years. They have a trusted and good reputation as the current leading supplier of online promotions. They have had phenomenal growth over just the past 5 years, and the people/technology there are top-notch.
Their growth, however, has hit a plateau via increased competition, technology advances, and market demand. ePrize realized late this summer that healthy profit margins could only be maintained by trimming personnel, which it did en-mass. Rather than look weak and attribute the workforce reduction to economics, they decided to label the firings as "performance related". Those who frequent this board were well aware that the personnel let go back in July were "A" players - not "under performers" as was stated by Mr. Linkner. Many of us ex-employees (especially those of us who left on good terms) were really shocked at those terminations.
The firings a few weeks back were even more shocking, as they included those who had, literally, built the company us from it infancy. It didn't take long to realize this was a calculated move to oust longer-lived, higher-paid employees in lieu of a younger, cheaper crop.
If you're younger, ePrize is probably a good prospect. It is not, however, compatible with family life, as employees are expected to maintain long hours at the office and at home working remotely (as a tech guy, expect 60-80hr work weeks - no joking). They pay well (but I'd be nervous if I'm a top earner in my department these days: highest paid = first terminated).
They offer a relaxed atmosphere, as much free Coke products as you can possibly consume in a day, and good benefits. The big question mark these days is job security. I'd say its a crap shoot. If your current company is happy with you and you are relatively happy there, I'd stay put.

Anonymous said...

Aaron, I've been at ePrize for almost three years. Sure, there are ups and downs but this is by FAR the best place I've ever worked. We work on amazing clients, and I have learned a ton. It is very fast paced. There are a ton of super-smart people here, and it is challenging for sure. I've been following this blog and I just feel that most of the negative posts are from people that couldn't hack it. It is easier to play the victim and blame ePrize rather than live up to your own failures. The leadership team is very open and up-front about the business, and I'm excited to come to work every day.

ePrize is a great company, and I'd strongly advise you to go for it.

ExPrizer said...

I once felt just like the last commenter. I feel bad for them - some day they're going to get fired and see ePrize for what it is - a sweatshop with a good "story."

Anonymous said...

To the person who has been at ePrize for the last 3 years... read the above comments and some of the other comments on this blog carefully. A large majority of people commenting here HAVE NOT BEEN FIRED, but left, often on good terms...

Dwell on that for a minute.

After you will leave, hopefully on or your own accord, your eyes will open, and you will see things and see ePrize in a completely different light.

I left about 1 year ago, and I can tell you now, in retrospect - that the statement:

"a sweatshop with a good "story."

Is VERY VERY true. On many levels.

Last but not least, i find it a little funny how so many of the things you are saying are things you heard during 'staff calls'.


Louis Friend said...

Thanks everyone for all the comments coming in. It's been great seeing that the blog still has legs despite the slow flow of news from ePrize.

I imagine this is because of the churn. Very few people I knew while working there are still around!

Anonymous said...

Here's fundamentally the issue from this survey of one. There is no delineation from those posting their blind allegiance between supporting the belief in "the idea" that the company has, and the company or leadership there itself.

I too am a former employee that stood the test of time there for a while when there were under 50 people working in FH. When 6-7 people were crammed in to Josh's old office thinking "gee...what a great guy this Josh character is giving up his office to allow others to spread out a bit". Mind you there were rules about using his personal bathroom. When people asked the daily question, "What does JB do there anyway? Does he deserve to be around and Robb, Keith and/or Phil do not?" Oh…I think I know the answer to the last question...I’m sure it has nothing to do with the sexist conversions around wondering "what if…" I’m sure that’s not it.

Today I work with a company that has the same colors on the walls, has the same plasma TVs, but rather than promoting the dollars that will be missed in the next sales goal that will lead to you not getting an incentive, it promotes the work that the people do for international brands that make a difference every single day and thanks them for that work.

I do still believe there is merit in "the idea". I just no longer believe in giving anyone my loyalty to the extent that it buys them new cars and houses while others are just getting by wondering if they'll still be around in the next wave of weeding out "under performers". The lack of management and leadership is the real issue. An idea and the jump start of that idea into a company does not qualify you to be a good manager, leader, EVP or even CEO.

If you're really there and believe in the idea, then say so. Don't blindly announce your loyalty to people that don't have the same attitude towards you. Do you honestly think that the discussions on the fourth floor or on company expensed trips to Vegas and Florida are in your best interest? Or are they discussions on how to sustain the company at any and all cost including you? The problem… belief in that "idea" does not overcome leadership and management issues that are there today and have been there for a long time.

As a side note...Seriously? They're asking for people to give them ideas to generate revenue and actual profit from the people in the world out there in exchange for a $1K? In the words of Axel Foley..."Get the f**k outta here!"