Dec 6, 2008

Slither Returns?

Let's continue to flog a dead horse and bring back Slither... our imaginary rival company. It's not like PrizeLogic isn't a real company that's out there eating ePrize's lunch, is it? Despite what Linkner says in this Fast Company article, there are real threats to ePrize's viability. To deny this is folly.

Here's a link to the PrizeLogic sweepstakes for NWA. Note that to enter you need to enter your WorldPerks number to begin. Doing so eliminates the need for putting in a user's information in for registration. I seem to remember suggesting this same thing about, oh, four years ago. It's always nice to see one's ideas come to fruition, especially when they were deemed "impossible" by one company and made possible by their rival company.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen the Slither logo. I like the ExPrize one better.

Anonymous said...

prizelogic is not the first to do this with NWA. ePrize has been doing it for at least 2 or 3 years. and we're still doing it with NWA.

why judge 350 people based on what a few people might say? one person who says it can't be done is probably the one you should take it up with. I certainly wouldn't judge ePrize based on anything one person (IE you) says.

Anonymous said...

>>one person who says it can't be done is probably the one you should take it up with<<

That'd be nice, but I know my own experience at ePrize was one of constantly banging my head on different job titles and being told I wasn't qualified to make decisions or even decisions that were "outside my pay grade".

Good ideas are a nice thing... as long as they come from the "right" people.