Mar 6, 2009

Promotions 101

There's a new, funny video up on -- at least it's new to me. It's a little ditty about why ePrize is so great.

My favorite part has to be this one:
A 400+ Person Company?


Anonymous said...

I admit ePrize has made some videos that absolutely make me want to puke but this one isn't too bad. Though listing 'Coders' is pretty hilarious. So what exactly do Software Engineers write then?

afterfate said...

This is probably the least annoying video they have put out. They score some points for acknowledging all the buzzwords at the start. Given it's target audience, it seems to be done quite well. I think the key here is, there was no one at ePrize doing an interview of any kind.

One thing that comes off a bit odd is that they say 'some companies outsource everything blah blah blah'. They make it sound almost like they don't outsource, kind of a lie of omission. The fact is they do outsource for some larger projects, at least they used to.

Whoever they engaged to do this video, they need to keep around, the old ones were terrible, I couldn't even sit through them.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, this is a fairly solid video. Though the number of employees made me laugh out loud. At least they didn't use Alicia O'Pelt in it at all.

Anonymous said...

Hey!!! That's me at the end of the table. Should I send Gabe a note and ask him to stop using any of my pictures ;-)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"Gabe is a GOOBER HEAD"

You win, thread over :)

Anonymous said...

The over inflation of employee head count must be a YPO thing.

I worked for one of Linkner's flunky pals at a different company & the same type of shenanigans went on all the time.

In fact, reading this blog makes me feel like I actually worked at ePrize (thank god I don't).

This blog is filled with so much win it's not even believable.