Jan 18, 2009

The Big Idea

Without a nod to Donny Deutsch, ePrize is shilling for a "Big Idea" with their latest internal promotion.

To quote the site, ePrize is "giving away $1,000 to one lucky winner among all who submit their ideas. Give us your best shot – you may only enter once."

Now, let's not go into the poor copywriting of that section but focus instead on the strangeness of this skills-based promotion. Are the creative coffers at ePrize so empty that they're reaching out to the world for ideas? Has the employee-base become so sycophantic that fresh thoughts are in such short supply? This just seems like a bizarre move for a company that touts its creative edge.

Special thanks to Anonymous for pointing this out!


Anonymous said...

If you don't have a single original thought in your head, how do you make people think your creative.

Your buy,borrow or use other peoples ideas and then pass them off as your own. Plagiarism is a mask.


So watch out for companies that have run out of ideas. Desperate men take desperate measures.

Anonymous said...

I know, I know...ePrize should steal the competion's clients by falsely badmouthing them. Then ePrize should falsify and exaggerate their accomplisments and capabilities!


Anonymous said...

Did all you mud-slingers ever think that getting ideas from a large group of people is just good business sense? Open source companies do it constantly. So does google, apple, and dozens of other companies. Why would you assume that using a contest which is ePrize's bread-and-butter to solicit cool ideas implies that they've "run out of ideas". To me, it appears just the opposite is true.

Anonymous said...

Are you like a Bernie's point man


If so be very careful, many believed in him and lost family fortunes. Bernie promised consistent returns, just like you guys pretend to be creative. $1000 bucks is a meager sum for a great idea, unless your really needy and anything will do.Apparently anything that appears new is a morsel for the hungry.

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea....! Solicit the ideas from your own employees and actually listen to them! This blog is lousy with ideas from past employees that never got implemented -- things to improve external and internal processes alike.

I also agree that $1K is a pretty paltry amount for an idea that could possibly generate fare more revenue for ePrize. But, getting something for (little or) nothing is kind of their M.O.

Lori James said...

Why are people on here so damn anonymous? Do you have such little confidence in yourselves that you can't put your name to your opinion? Or are you afraid? Pussies!

Anonymous said...

Who is Lori James?, just another name to me, no references or links to substantiate your existence. We are anonymous because we can be and because we like too. So there get out the kitchen if you can't stand the heat. Your pathetic taunts only encourage us to ridicule you further. We have freedom of speech and will continue to debate.