Mar 22, 2007

Down on the Cube Farm

EPrize CEO builds culture of creativity

I'm not quite sure of what to say about the article in today's Detroit News written by and starring ePrize CEO Josh Linkner. Of course it's self-congratulatory but it seems a bit self-obsessive as well.

Personally, there were times that I would have liked to have had a ho-down on a cube farm rather than sitting at a card table.


Terry said...

Spot the folding card table:

New Space

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

That is a great photo! Very crisp. Looks a little impersonal in there, is it?

ePrizer said...

The new space is amazing. Bright, and full of energy. There are open desk to grow and not a folding table left in the building. There's a ton of investment in growth, and not only facilities. Major improvements in processes and technology.

Also - the new COO, Gerry Miller, is fantastic. He's going to help Josh get this place to a whole new level.

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

Glad to hear from you ePrizer. Had hoped you hadn't been fired.

Sounds like life at ePrize is sunshine, lollipops and rainbows. I expect to hear a whole chorus of ePrizers singing "La la la-la-la-la" like a group of happy Smurfs next time I drive down 696.

yearofthechump said...

Not sure if the initial post was trying to say there was one or was challenging the original folding table fact like eprizer was.

Either way, obviously with this expansion at the moment there are no folding tables, you just opened a whole new section. I don't really know how horrible the whole folding table was because I was lucky :) Give it some time though while you guys grow outside beyond the thinking of management and see how long everyone has their own desk. Maybe that much has changed with the sheer space in the new area.

Don't forget, if I'm not mistaken at least most of the poor souls at ePrize still have to take a shuttle over from the zoo. Not that its a dealbreaker but it demonstrates a clear lack of forward thinking by upper management. We had that parking lot maxed out and people on the gravel within months of moving in, who couldn't see that one coming?

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

Parking, schmarking. It was all about exposed pipes, beams, and heating ducts. That's what makes a workplace cool, don't you know anything, chump? Oh, that and the "green, purple, and red walls, for godssakes".

On top of the "this is a hip workspace" factor, I'm sure price played a big part as well as an "oh shit factor" from the deal at the American Center building over in Southfield going south.

Ryan said...

The new space is huge!

I was at ePrize last year for only a short time, but I will remember that time I spent there for the rest of my life. The people there were amazing, and it had to be one of the most exciting places I ever worked.

No I wasn't fired in case you guys were wondering. :-)

I've been reading this blog for quite a while, but just never had enough guts to post anything I guess. All I can say is if any of what had been said in the past was true, it sure had changed by the time I started working there. I was an SE, and never did I see any pressure from management to work the long hours to complete endless tasks. As a matter of fact, I'd receive emails from my superior to not feel obligated to work weekends.

I did have a folding table for awhile. :-) Wasn't fun, but it was only temporary (as with most growing pains of successful businesses).

Just wanted to give a shout out to all the hardworking and brilliant people working at ePrize. Miss you guys! :-)

Ghost of ePrize Past said...

Mention a Costco Table and watch the sparks fly! LOL.

Sophia S. said...

I think ePRIZE is great.

joshua said...

at the job i worked before coming to the prize, i had a corner office with floor to ceiling windows that i shared with one other person.

so the adjustment initially to no cubes and the openness was a bit harsh.

but i honestly have to say i really like the openness now. its easy to see if someone is at their desk and even easier to talk to people at your pod.

the card tables sucked. but when you grow as fast as eprize has been, even with the BEST possible planning you are going to experience some growth pains.

sure, the parking isnt an ideal situation, but we all got free passes to the zoo out of it, and the zoo itself gets a financial boost too, so it seems win/win to me. unless you just want to be negative ;)